Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour And A Respectable Woman Essay

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Kate Chopin has long been recognized as one of the most important writers in early 19th century American literature. Her stories brought narration, guided at a time of classicalism where controversial themes needed a medium of presentation. Some of these themes were relevant to her own life. Many scholars have concluded that some of her short stories were inspired by her own experiences (Wolff 270). However, her short stories also had the intention of presenting a theme to the reader that is impactful and will last. Kate Chopin, in her short stories “The Story of an Hour” and “A Respectable Woman” explores the themes of Feminism, independence and also postmodernism. Feminism, and gender issues are key themes that Chopin uses in her stories to reconcile gender norms and ideas present in 19th century society. Chopins short story “The Story of an Hour” follows a character named Mrs Mallard as she processes the emotions that come with her husbands death. She later finds out her husband is not dead and she dies of shock. One of the first indications that the story has a feminist theme is the presentation of Mrs Mallard. She is introduced to the reader as simply ‘Mrs Mallard’ in the first paragraph of the story (Chopin 1). Her first name “‘Louise’, does not appear until the seventeenth of the twenty-three paragraphs that comprise the story” (Doloff 580). Many would question Chopins choice to present the character in this manner. Stephen Doloff writes “This delay in…

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