Essay on Justification of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was the uprising of the existing thirteen American colonies to gain independence from Britain in the mid 1700’s. The American colonists began questioning Britain’s authority as early as the French and Indian War. During the French Indian War, the colonies wanted to defend themselves against the French in North America. They asked King George for permission to raise armies in order defend themselves. Although their reason to raise an army was sincere, George II was suspicious of the intentions of the colonial government and disapproved their petition. After the French Indian War, Britain decided to raise money by taxing the American Colonists for reparations. Taxes such as the Stamp and Tea Acts created controversy …show more content…
Taxes and duties in the colonies were used to stimulate the economy. The Stamp Act, however, raised money for England’s gain. Britain said that the money would be used to pay officials in the colonies . More importantly, the American colonies dislike the Stamp act because they were being taxed without having an official in Britain that represented them . On June 29, 1767, the Townshend Revenue Acts is passed creating import duties on the colonists. The acts are named after Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who proposed it. On May 10, 1773, the tea act was launched would put a tax on imported tea. The act was not intended to raise money in the American colonies; it was designed to benefit the East India Company which was doing horribly financially and had a surplus of eighteen million pounds of unsold tea. This tea was to be shipped directly to the colonies, and sold at a much cheaper price. These patriots did not have a say in how much they are taxed and what it is used for. According to the British Constitution, People under Britain could not be taxed without the consent of their representatives in Parliament. Because the colonies did not have any members of the British Parliament, many

colonists viewed the taxes as a violation of the constitutional doctrine of taxation only by consent. If Britain cannot fulfill that requirement to the colonists, they are fully obligated to either overthrow the government or cede from it. Another

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