Journey Into An Ill Mind : Hopsin 's Use Of Vivid Images And Word Play

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Journey into an Ill Mind: Hopsin’s Use of Vivid Images and Word Play
“Let’s take a journey into my mind and let’s see what we find” -Hopsin

Plain wooden crosses, mother Mary’s son, and paintings of Jesus Christ is all that you see in every room and on every wall, so you can say that an “Ill” mind is the last thing I have in my common religious life. At least that’s what I thought. Hopsin, a rap artist, published a song series called the “Ill Mind of Hopsin”. A series of songs that talk about his take on current dilemmas in the world today. The fifth episode in the series, “Ill mind of Hopsin 5”, specifically tackles the issue of drug abuse, and gang affiliations. Based on experience, I definitely agree with his point of view on these issues but if so, that must mean I have an ill mind as well. In his song, “Ill mind of Hopsin 5”, Hopsin successfully underlines his values when looking at the issue of drugs and gangs in our societies today by using vivid images and clever word play. An issue that is pointed out a lot in his song is of the abuse of cannabis. In the music video of his song, the background shows us paintings of dark green cannabis bushes with red eyes that are smoking cannabis while smiling. This dark green cannabis plant seems to be enjoying itself by the use of a drug and by the drug only. Although, Hopsin tears down this painting viciously. By doing this Hopsin is telling his audience that he believes drug use does not bring happiness to our lives. In…

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