Jose De San Martin And Simon Bolivar Essay

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In the late 18th and early 19th century many colonies in South America began wars against Spain in an effort to gain their independence. Eventually all of Latin America gained independence from Spain. Two key leaders in the liberation movements were Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. After the creation of Republics Latin American politicians looked to the United States for support and guidance. Two such influential men were Domingo Sarmiento, President of Argentina, and Matias Romero, Mexican Ambassador to the United States. These four men all had varying opinions of the United States and different responses to the nation. This paper will argue that all four were justified in their opinions and responses to the United States. Jose de san Martin and Simon Bolivar were both revolution leaders in Latin America. Martin was an Argentine General that served the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, which is modern day Argentina. He helped lead Argentina, Peru, and Chile to independence from Spanish rule[ Lynch, John. The Spanish American Revolutions, 1808-1826. New York: Norton, 1973.]. Martin met with Bolivar at the Guayaquil conference where the two held several private meetings. These meetings were not documented so historians do not know what the men discussed, but after the conference Martin relinquished his army to Bolivar and left South America[ Ibid.]. Bolivar was a Venezuelan military leader who lead Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador to freedom.…

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