John Kasich 's Philosophy Regarding National Security Essay example

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John Kasich’s Philosophy Regarding National Security
Americans as citizens have both a duty and honor to uphold our responsibilities in our democratic society. Voting is both a right and a privilege to be taken seriously and with great care. When electing a president one must take careful consideration to the many roles that, the president will fill. The United States president will lead the country as the head of state and head of government, additionally; the president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Therefore, it is essential that one understands how candidates for the office of president view the many issues that he or she will face as leader of the free world. John Kasich, republican candidate for president, has a just, and moral philosophy regarding national security that meets the demands for justice for U.S. citizens, while taking into account the rights of people in foreign lands.
Kim R. Holmes Ph.D. and writer for the Heritage Foundations defines national security as being the national defense and protection of interests, which include geopolitical and economic interests as well as a defense and foreign policies. The complex scope of national security requires a National Security Strategy to outline the goals and objectives of our National Security Council. First, it must preserve the safety and integrity of America. It must maintain a global balance of power and support the interest…

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