John Charles Chasteen 's Americanos : Latin America 's Struggle For Independence

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John Charles Chasteen’s Americanos: Latin America’s Struggle for Independence is a critical retelling of an important epoch in Latin American history. In 1799, Alexander Von Humboldt reached Latin America, a place that through struggle and bloodshed would transform over the next forty years. In Americanos, Chasteen brilliantly shows every step that gradually transformed Latin America from the colonies Humboldt saw in 1799 to the drastically different Latin America of 1840. Americanos is well-organized and separated into six sections that help to make sense of all of the narratives and characters that are important to the overarching story. In the first section titled “Discovering América”, Chasteen starts with Humboldt’s arrival in Latin America in 1799 and ends with his return to Berlin in 1805. The Latin America that Humboldt and his lesser-known partner Aimé de Bonpland saw wasn’t one necessarily ripe for evolution. What changed? Chasteen’s work gives a detailed explanation. The impetus for the revolutionary years that would soon commence actually took place in Europe, and Chasteen introduces this in the second part of the book titled “Pillars of The Crown”. After failed attempts by Francisco Miranda and Admiral Home Popham to cut off the Spanish Crown’s control of Coro and Buenos Aires, Napoleon began his invasions. (42) Chasteen importantly notes that the revolution attempts by Francisco De Miranda and Home Popham were unsuccessful because they lacked…

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