Essay on Jigsaw : A Teaching Strategy

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Jigsaw is a teaching strategy that allows for a teacher to break up learning material so, that students must reply on each other to learn the required information. For example you present a lengthy article to your class. You then break apart students into groups where they are each assigned different sections. Once assigned their section, they are re grouped with students that share the same section. In their “like groups” they discuss and share their ideas about their section. After they are done discussing and sharing their section, they return to their original groups, where they piece together the article as a whole. This strategy allows for students to work together on learning the class material. One benefit to this strategy is that it allows for students to take a large project or amount of material and share the workload. Another benefit is that there is no better way to learn material then to teach it. This strategy does have cons though. One problem with the jigsaw method is the possibility for error on class material. For example, if a student doesn’t understand their section and presents it to the rest of the group. When considering the use of this method, you would also need to ensure you have an assessment strategy that will illustrate whether or not students learned and understood the material.

Four Corners
The four corners teaching strategy is an interactive way for students to express and discuss opinions, as well as a way for teachers to…

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