Essay on Jews During The World War II

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At the onset of World War II, there were approximately 500,000 Jews in Germany. The National German Socialist Workers Party, better known as the Nazi Party, ghettoized and relocated numerous Jews to labor camps where they were starved and worked to death. After the invasion and subsequent defeat of Poland in 1939, the Nazis had another three million Jews under their control. While fighting a two front war in Europe, the detaining of such a massive amount of people turned into the Jewish Problem, or what to do with these millions of Jews. Eventually, the Final Solution was devised to exterminate all Jews under Nazi authority. Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Six million is a staggering number even today when weapons of mass destruction exist. How does this happen? Did the Jewish people sit idly by and do nothing to stop their destruction? European Jews were unable to for see their pending destruction by the hands of the Nazi powers. Many Jews viewed anti-Semitic laws, such as the Nuremberg Laws, as the status quo, and that the infringements established by these laws had always happened to their people through history, and that they would endure the hardship these laws brought upon them and eventually their situation would improve. Jews, already forced into ghettos and scared for their own survival could not see past the Nazi secrecy and trickery used to lead them to their massacre. There are plenty of instances of Jewish resistance to their Nazi killers;…

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