Jesus ' Teachings On The Gospel Of Mark And The First Letter Of Paul

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It would be nearly impossible to find several different people who completely agree with each other simply because they are talking about the same topic. Even the apostles, who traveled and learned from Jesus together, might have different thoughts on the same subject. The most obvious example would be on whether to turn in Jesus for money, Judas makes a different decision from others (Mark 14:10-11). It is then very plausible that Paul, who joined the movement after Jesus’ death and thus likely to have learned about him through only secondhanded information, wouldn’t have retold Jesus’ teachings perfectly as Jesus intended. There are indeed inconsistencies between Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Mark and the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, which are actually something more than just mistakes or unintended misinterpretations. Specifically, Paul develops several moral conducts that are both different from Jesus ' teachings of religious conduct and serves to benefit the Christian church.
Jesus’ moral conducts are not superficial as the Jewish traditions he disregards. In his views, man-made traditions are not sincerely following God’s commandments. For example, he disregards dietary restrictions, declares that the Son of Man is lord over sabbath, and does not make his disciples fast during the fasting period of Jews (Mark 7:18-19, 2:25-28, 8-22). While other Jews might have thought of breaking such traditions and laws as sin, Jesus openly condemned the laws…

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