Essay about Jane Austen 's Influence On Society

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Jane Austen was a very influential writer in the nineteenth century; she has never faded from popular opinion or discussions. Many of Austen’s novels, such as Emma, have been reimagined into films, enabling her to reach many different audiences through different interpretations. Emma is a beautiful novel about a young woman who is convinced that she will never marry; she does, however, what to help whoever she can in this matter. Once she deems herself successful in matching Miss Taylor, “less a governess than a friend” (Austen 5), with the widowed Mr. Weston, Emma seems unable to think of anything else except matchmaking. However, once Miss Taylor leaves, Emma seeks a new companion; “she decides to notice this girl and carry out a friendly arrangement” (Minma 50). She focuses on finding her new friend and companion an eligible match. Emma is convinced that Harriet deserves a gentleman as a husband, someone far better then Robert Martin, a farmer who is “good humored and obliging” (Austen 28) whom Harriet was originally interested in. Even when Mr. Knightley, “a sensible man, not only a very old and intimate friend of the family, but connected with it as the elder brother of Isabell’s husband” (Austen 9), “criticizes her conduct, she argues to herself that she had done nothing wrong” (Minma 50). Mr. Elton, the man with whom Emma is trying to match Harriet, makes it clear that his affection is for Emma, not Harriet. Mr. Knightley watches carefully; he believes that Mr. Martin…

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