James Joyce 's `` Araby `` And `` Winter Dreams `` By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Unlike the 20th century, the 21st century strongly encourages the act of perusing the desire for something or someone. During a person’s early childhood, the child’s thoughts and feelings are not yet formed to be able to separate what is good and bad. Children’s minds can often be focused on what they might desire, rather than what is practically needed in their lives. In the short stories of “Araby” and “Winter Dreams”, they both describe young boys wishing for someone they are not able to have. “Araby”, written by James Joyce, illustrates a boy who desires a relationship with a girl, which leads the boy to have interests in what she desires. On the other hand, “Winter Dreams”, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, shows how a boy quits his job to pursue a relationship with a girl for his own greedy desires. A desire for something or someone can be a good influence on a mature person, however in many cases in young children’s lives, it determines someone’s future.
In the short story of “Araby”, a naive boy makes several childish decisions which leads to him questioning his own desires. As an effect of the boy choosing his actions based on his feelings, the boy watches Mangan’s friend walk down the street every morning. After carefully observing the girl walk onto her porch, he then follows her at a safe distance, watching her every move. After a very long time of only briefly speaking to each other, she asks him a question. Surprised, the boy forgets to answer her…

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