It Was A Beautiful Sun Shining Day When I Met Sam At Pcc Library

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It was a beautiful sun shining day when I met Sam at PCC Library. Sam is an average looking Arabic male who makes it seem like he lived most of his life in America. Yet, he looked quite different from any typical American guy you’d imagine. He had a well combed black hair along with a tucked in shirt that in my opinion reflected more of a formal feeling and desire to be taken more seriously. On that day he wore regular blue jeans along with open toed Sandals, which I thought could be a little unusual for modern society, since I haven’t seen anyone wear those kind of shoes in a while. Sam also had a good sense of smell because I could smell a good manly cologne, which could vary on different kind of man and lifestyle. What I really admired about this guy, is his desire to learn and interact with people in English as his second language. Sam Spoke English with an Arabic accent, yet with all the effort he put into it, I could barely hear the accent because I was so concentrated on what he was saying. It was much more important. I really, respected his ability to speak openly on his county. Especially there were some things I considered hard to share about due to either harsh behavior of the government or treatment of some people. I consider Sam as a brave person to step up and openly speak about his prior experiences so openly. I’m also glad that I was able to kill some stereotypes on Iranian people. When interviewing Sam, I got a closer idea of lifestyle and behavior…

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