Essay about It Was A Beautiful Morning

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It was a beautiful morning during Christmass Eve . Everyone was happy and excited for Christmass . Kids going to the mall waiting to talk to santa , parents shopping for there children . There was only one kid his name Zayn . He was really exicted he was wanting an iphone .

He was just an average 13yr old boy who just wanted a gift for Christmass . This was Zayns first time celebrating Chritsmass and he wanted to have his dream gift the iphone . He has always wanted and iphone , he has worked really hard in school , and home to get an iphone . He was sure this year he was gonna get his very first phone . Zayns hopes were really high we couldn 't wait till christmass morning . He has been waiting for this day for a long time . Its 8pm He is decerating his Christmass tree hoping his parents will get him the iphone he has been wanting for chritmass . He has been seeing his parents get his little brother something almost all the time so he knew he would get his phone . His hopes were high , his expectations were out of control , He was the happiest he could be . its 12:00pm he sleeping . Then all the sudden he hears someone walking in his house . He knows his parents are asleep who could this be ? some man wearing a mask with all black ." Oh no its a robber ! " He ran towards his parents room and he quickly woke them up . His parents didn 't do anything . The robber was actually there uncle sam putting there present underneat the christmass tree . His uncle had just…

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