Essay on Is The Self Exists Or Does Not Exist?

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There is an interesting discussion in Philosophy about whether the self exists or does not exist and, unfortunately for those who defend the existence of a self, there is strong evidence pointing to the fact that there is no such thing as a “self.” Some of these arguments will appear in this paper, but more importantly, I want to discuss why it appears that there is a self. A comparable misperception can be observed in vision. Sometimes, it appears that two lines are of different lengths, even though it can be demonstrated that the lines are the same length. Similarly, I will demonstrate, in the absence of a self, why there appears to be a “self.” In this paper I will give reconstructions for arguments against the self, including arguments about the body, the brain, and the mind. Further, I will look at a few arguments that explain why the self appears to exist when in fact it may not exist.
First, does the self reside in the body (excluding the brain)? There are a few complications with this idea. If the self were in the body, the self would change if someone lost some body part, a leg, hand, finger, or even just a small scratch. Further, the body is constantly changing. Every two weeks taste buds on the tongue are renewed. The body is constantly healing itself, and cells are constantly being replaced. Then there are questions about live organ donors. If someone were to donate one of their kidneys to another person, the person with the new kidney would…

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