Is The Mind Body Problem? Essay

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The mind-body problem is a debate that has raised questions throughout history and is still doing so today, philosophers argue as to whether the mind and body are one entity or two separate entities. The body is what we perceive to be our physical attributes, things like the head, legs, and so forth, the mind is one that controls our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. For philosophers there are many ways to explain the mind and body problem but the two main ones include materialism and dualism. In this circumstance one has to come to a conclusion as to if they believe that the mind and body are separate entities, dualism, or they are one, materialism.
The argument of the mind-body is one that tries to understand how mental states can affect physical states, it has brought around much controversy as many philosophers disagree on their views. One argument that has been popular is the materialistic view, it states that the mind is a material thing, the brain, and nothing exist separated from the materialistic world, so the mind and body are one. It is the belief that everything is part of a materialistic world, including things such as thoughts and senses (Herrick, Paul). This is the view that I have taken on. This belief was adapted by philosopher Thomas Hobbes, he thought that mental events are just matter in motion and that what happens in the physical world is what causes change in the mental world. One way to think of this could be as a computer software and hardware, the…

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