Is Buddhism A God? Essay

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What happens to us humans once we die? Do we leave this earth and go to heaven or hell or do we continue living on this earth as a new person? Or do we wander this earth as a spirit or a ghost? Or is it just lights out that’s it you’re just six feet under? These are the many questions that I and others have about the afterlife and the answers to those questions all depend on who you ask. If you ask a Christian, they will tell you that there is only a heaven or hell and if you don’t believe in Christ than you’re going to hell. If you ask a Buddhist however the answer is the complete opposite because according to them the afterlife is non existent and that you are simply reincarnated. So that means that the only way to find out what the afterlife is without dying, is to research different religions to try and figure out what the afterlife truly is.
The first religion to look at is Buddhism. Buddhism is a two-thousand-year old religion that over three hundred million people around the world believe in. The history of Buddhism starts off with the Lord Buddha born Siddhartha Gotama in Lumbini in 563 BC to a rich family. When Siddhartha Gotama was in his late twenties he wanted to find happiness so he explored many different philosophies and meditated. After six years of meditation and study he became enlightened and was then named Buddha. From that point on Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching Dharma which is the law that the universe follows. During Buddha’s six years he…

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