Essay about Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

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In today’s society people escape their problems the easy way out, rather than dealing with the consequences to the choices they have made. Many people use abortion as an alternative to ending an unwanted pregnancy. Everyone has different opinions and ethical views about rather abortion is right or wrong. In reality abortion is wrong, you are killing a human being that could have potential to make an impact on this world.
When a fetus is removed from the uterus before it gets the chance to live outside of the mother’s womb is called abortion. There are two types of abortions, one that happens spontaneously also know as a miscarriage or an abortion that is done intentionally or induced (“Abortion”). There are many reasons intentionally induced abortions are carried out, one being to keep the mother physically and mentally healthy or to keep from having complications in pregnancy. If a woman gets raped or the baby so happens to be from an incest the woman will go through abortion to prevent having the pregnancy. When a child is beginning to form a mental deficiency or deformed throughout pregnancy it may cause the mother to get an abortion. If a teen gets pregnant at a young age, that may cause her to get an abortion for social reasons. There are so many other reasons people use abortion as an escape tool. In some cultures having an abortion performed is a huge moral issue but in other cultures it is an acceptable way to end an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is an argument that…

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