Interview, The Therapist Conducted A Safety Assessment Of Youth For Any Suicidal Ideation, Plans Or Intent

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FOCUS OF PRESENT SESSION: This session focused on establishing rapport with youth. Before the interview, the therapist conducted a safety assessment of youth for any suicidal ideation, plans or intent. The youth denied having any suicidal thoughts or plans of harming herself or anyone else at that present time. Miss Denae Roberts is a 15-year-old, African American female who currently resides in Deerfield Beach, Florida with her biological mother, father and her four younger siblings. Miss Roberts was referred to Gerena & Associates for components of sexual behavior. Denae reported that she is having difficulties communicating with her parents and is also experiencing relationship problems with parents and her ex-boyfriend. The client noted that her problems has led to her felling depressed and wanting to commit suicide.

Denae who was seen at her school, described herself as being a “nice” and has a “low self-esteem”. She noted that she does not think she is “beautiful”. She reported that she attends Deerfield Beach High school and is currently in the 9th grade and maintains a “B” average, but her grades have declined to a “C” and in Math a “F” average. The client reported that she has a problem communicating with her parents, especially her father. She noted that his negative attitude towards her makes it difficult to communicate with. She related that instead of talking, he would often times yell at her. Denae described her relationship with her mother as “not good”. She…

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