Integrating Technology Into Teaching World Languages Essay

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Defining Excellence as an academic situation where all learners come up with outcomes that help them reach a high level of achievement, it would be great to see how integrating technology into teaching World Languages may be a tool for producing students who are mostly high achievers. Given the fact that most of our students are, nowadays, what we can call, digital learners, technology usage or integrating technology into classroom activities makes our teaching life much more easier when it comes to work on preparing lesson plans, conducting classroom activities, delivering instruction, or even working on reflecting a teaching process. The good news is teachers can avoid long and non-effective lecturing and empower student-centered instruction by integrating technology while conducting classroom activities, ongoing assessments, and interacting with students who need to be prepared for the 21st century skills for Excellence.

As World Languages - not Foreign Languages! – Teachers, we may find out or create various PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations and websites that may be highly resourceful for educators and students. For instance, some sites as,,,,, etc. are very helpful for gathering materials related to French content or Spanish tools related to vocabulary acquisition, grammar skills, and conjugation charts. In terms of…

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