Integrating Technology Into Teaching Learning Transaction Essay

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One Book, One Teacher, One Student, One Pen and One Ignited Mind can change the whole world
Teaching and learning in the 21st century should be markedly different from earlier times, as to teaching and learning are now occurring in an increasingly online world. Traditionally, learning environments were restricted to face– to- face delivery or where distance education was undertaken, delivery was largely characterized by the posting of printed resources and communication were often slow and cumbersome. Integrating technology into teaching-learning transaction has been found to transform the teacher’s role from being the traditional ‘Sage on the Stage’ to also being a ‘Guide on the side,’ and students’ roles also change from being passive receivers of content to being more active participants and partners in the learning process.
The demand for more open and accessible learning has continued to increase since the early 1950s. Many factors are contributing to this changing educational culture, the most important of which are economic, social, and technological forces. These forces are worldwide in scope and power, and have had a profound impact on business practices, manufacturing processes, financial services, government policies, and, more recently, teaching practices and learning behaviors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that as we embark on a new century, we are also moving irrevocably in the direction of changing the way we…

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