Inside The Mind Of An Audio Engineer Essay

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Inside the Mind of an Audio Engineer The art of music mixing is the most difficult and evasive part of the music production process to understand. Mixing is as much as art as any musical instrument and it requires a lot of patience, knowledge, and practice. Here are some insights that will help approaching music mixing. Without the right mindset, you will be embarking on a journey with no map and no idea of where you are going. Mixing is not about processing, tricks, effects, or EQ; it is all about understanding how we distinguish sound, and how to capture that essence in a pair of speakers. The biggest problem today with music mixing is that the mindset for mixing is completely wrong. It’s very easy to get caught up using compressors, equalizers, and effects processing on every sound and piece of music, without even listening to see how it affects the whole production and the meaning of the song. “ We have to control the sound and not take it for granted. We have to create sounds rather than just attempt to control dynamics, which most people do” (Daley). There are some basic rules to always use when mixing music and the great thing about these basic rules, is how easy is to understand the concepts. Essentially, your frame of mind, when music mixing, will take you much farther than any engine ever will. The sense of hearing is one of five physical senses that is very important in mixing music. As human beings the most strongest sense is sight. Our ability to see…

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