Information And Background About Code Switching Essay

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It is important to have some information and background about code switching. Code Switching has different types and forms that could occur in. Code switching can happen in the middle, or at the end, or at the beginning of the sentence. When code switching is done in the boundaries of the sentence, it is known as intersentential code switching. This type of code switching could be easily used and observed between two fluent speakers. Intrasentential, another type of code switching, is done in the middle of a sentence with no intervention, uncertainty, or a stop to show a shift (Lipski). Intersentential code switching is also known as mechanical switching. It occurs when an individual is not knowing that they are switching, and it fills in the gaps when speaking. Intersentential fill in the unknown words in a certain language. The third type of code switching is known as the code changing.It happens when an individual is moving focus from one language to another. Lipski said, “It is motivated by situational and stylistic factors and the shifts between two languages is conscious and intentional” (Lipski). Shifting between two languages in the form of code switching is a largely observed phenomenon in bilingual language classrooms. Carter and Numan had defined code switching as “a phenomenon of switching from one language to another in the same discourse” (Nunan). Crystal had said that code switching happens when a person who is bilingual switches between two languages when…

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