Essay about Informal Learning Experience

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The fear of darkness is a phobia for those who have been affected by it in some way or the other. It is not the fear of the dark but the possible risks concealed by darkness. This kind of fear can sometimes prevent us from unpleasant situations. Not everybody around experiences this fear, otherwise people would not be hired as security guards or night watchers but for those who do have this fear have an associated learning experience. This essay narrates about an informal learning experience leading to the fear of the dark.
Informal learning is an unorganized form of learning with no precise set of objectives; the learning is unintentional and is perceived from surroundings and interactions. In the context of the essay, the fear of the
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The operant conditioning can also be applied to this informal learning experience in a similar manner. The operant here is walking down a dark street. This can be explained as if I walk down a dark street I will be mugged or may see somebody being mugged hence I would relate dark streets with mugging and become scared of darkness altogether. In the operand conditioning fear of the darkness would be an unintended response i.e. if I would not walk down a dark street, I would not have to be in any such situation then.
If we talk about reinforcement in this regard, it would be a negative reinforcement because I had known about the potential danger from dark streets but reinforcement was needed and was brought by the mugging experience and it involved the removal of me going to dark and vacant places.The schedule of reinforcement can be partial because cautious behavior from darkness has been learnt.
The cognitive-social theory suggests that when I saw the stranger being mugged I perceived the potential dangers of darkness and became scared. I kept thinking of the further consequences of not just being mugged but being injured also.
Therefore, I have learnt to be cautious and careful around darkness because of the unknown dangers. Initially when I had experienced the mugging scene

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