Influence Of Body Image On Young People Essay

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-The Influence of Advertising- A majority of the world’s population is being subjected to advertisements and photos of what they think a female or male body should look like, and these ads are setting off insecurities inside adolescents at a young age that will carry with them through their entire lives. They may learn to just ignore what others say and lower their insecurities, but the nagging feeling of not being an accepted body type will continuously peruse their mind. The media is making their models the “perfect” body, and they view this as skinny, tan, longer hair, and typically taller. Hollywood is setting unattainable standards on what a person’s body should look like, and it is negatively affecting young people. Body image is one of the most influencing factors of obtaining an eating disorder. In the UK there was a study where about 6000 children were studied from the ages of 1-14 and some of these children took part in gaining an eating disorder. About the time they turned eight years old people started to see the signs of which child would have a disorder. Five percent of girls and three percent of boys were dissatisfied with their bodies and their insecurities kept rising gradually until around the age of fourteen. The females took action in their image right away even if they were not obese or overweight. Around ⅕ of the 14 year olds said that they had felt pressure from the media to lose weight, and the most effective influences usually come…

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