In the Mind of Psychopaths Essay

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General Psychology assignment- Wider awareness

Pondering on psychopathic traits

Aided by brain scans (MRI), scientists have found that psychopaths have significant brain impairments, which are decreased amount of grey matter in the brain responsible for processing empathy, moral reasoning and guilt that clearly affect their ability to feel emotions, and to react to other people’s distress. Also, other studies have linked the amygdala with psychopathic traits as this area is related to aggressive behavior. Abnormalities in other parts of the brain such as the orbitofrontal cortex have also been correlated to psychopathy, as this area is responsible for lying, irresponsibility, and lack of emotion. Brain
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As stated in the article, the textbook confirms that the amygdala plays a key role in emotion, especially when it comes to fear and aggression (57,315). In accordance with the article, the textbook’s authors also state that psychopaths feel little distress for others and they see no wrong in their cruel behaviors toward others (376). From Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, morality in the first stages (childhood stages) is based on rewards, punishments and exchange of favors. On the conventional level, morality is based on the adherence of social rules and norms. Lastly, in the postcoventional level, individuals do the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and define morality in terms of social principles (274,275). Psychopaths do not seem to follow this path at all since their judgments are impaired with other brain abnormalities. In agreement with the article, psychopaths are not always criminals. Some may be politicians or even business people. Their impulsive behavior and lack of conscience harm people surrounding them (377). Unlike sane people, psychopaths “have abnormal low activity in the brain during stress periods” (they do not feel the pressure to perform well or whatsoever) and they have less grey matter in their frontal lobes (responsible for emotion, reasoning, and problem solving (377). In agreement with both the article and the textbook, lack of grey matter in the frontal lobe can also explain psychopath’s

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