Illegal Immigration Is Bad? Essay

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Illegal Immigration is bad It is not uncommon in the year of 2016 to turn on the news, and see an older man with a bobbing blonde comb-over, speaking robustly and comically about his platform before a multitude of supporters. This spectacle has garnered international attention and has caused Americans to think again about how to solve some of the biggest problems they face today. With the upcoming presidential election, although few take him seriously and many think he is racist and misogynist, Donald Trump has proposed some promising solutions that could dissolve some of the issues that have plagued Americans for Decades. One of those issues is illegal immigration. Some believe that the border needs more protection, while others believe that the border should be loosely controlled. However, since the problems are intensifying, the border needs to be regulated more effectively, for many of the illegal immigrants bring crime, do not pay taxes, and steal job from American citizens. One reason illegal immigration is harmful is because many of the immigrants are bringing crime. These crimes range from being drug dealers, to rapists, and even murders. For example, the drug cartels from Mexico are quickly spreading throughout America, which only increase the difficulty of fighting the war on drugs. For decades the United States has struggled with drugs coming from Mexico and Columbia. The Recovering Village, an organization that fights drug abuse, said that two thirds…

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