I 'm Extremely Annoyed With The General Apathy My Generation Essay

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I’m extremely annoyed with the general apathy my generation expresses. None of our days are guaranteed; time is a gift. Each day we experience holds a weight and our daily decisions reflect how we regard this weight.

Too many people are content with letting their days go to waste with the assumption that their future holds something greater than the present. However, if you don’t make use of the present, you should not expect much to change in the future. Yet, it seems like people are more content to apathetically float through life while drowning in a lake of boredom and misplaced energy.

There is no such thing as an insignificant decision. Every decision affects our future in some way. The gift of free will is such a beautiful thing. These are some decisions every person faces:

Faith or Doubt

Fear or Courage

Love or Hate

Empathy or Sympathy

Action or Inaction

Life or Death

Joy or Sorrow

Please understand that these decisions have little to do with your emotions, although your emotions can certainly have an affect on the decision you make. Joy, for example, can be present whether you’re deeply depressed or passionate about life. Apathy is the result of fear. When you choose to stand up and confront your fears, you are displaying courage, and that is one step toward defeating apathy.

We have been gifted with thought, yet, I don’t see very many people utilizing this gift. Thought is an umbrella term I like to use. It covers introspection, the…

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