I Truly Like My New Experience Essay

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I truly like my new experience because I am helping and serving the community of Salinas but I am also contributing and coming up with ideas in how to improve the program for future students. Throught out my journey as a service learner I have learned so much more about myself and I have learned that I am continuing to grow more as a person by being active in the community, serving the students, and becoming a critical thinker offering some of my ideas and coming up with a way in how to attract and motivate more students to participate in the program. In light of this learning I know that if more students participate in the program they will succeed in school and will gain more confidence and motivation. The motivation and confidence that they will achieve in ten weeks will truly help them succeed in the future. I think that what El Jardin Pilot Homework Program is doing, is something truly amazing because the staff members participating are donating their time and providing support to the students of their farm working workers and I feel honored of being part of an experiment and a program that I am sure that slowly it will grow and succeed.
We have been focusing on the topic of gender and sexuality which has been a pretty interesting topic to learn about. From my service site and working with elementary students I have noticed that many students hold a barrier between girls and boys. Most of the children who are in the program are between the ages of 7 all the way to…

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