I Met A Man Known As Mr. Johnson David Essay

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I met a man known as Mr. Johnson David a surely understood Liberian dissident. He is 57 years of age a Liberian who went ahead a business visit in the US. He consented to sit with me at my home to bear on the perspective.
When we turned into the meeting he said "I talk about the African male in the Diasporas. I discuss men, not separately, but rather aggregately. I have known men who are unprecedented both in their private and open lives. However, today, I see no difference, and rather have as the center of my treatise the general male populace in the Diasporas. There are no puzzles encompassing men. There is nothing that can 't be clarified about men. Be that as it may, oh dear, in their association with ladies and with kindred men, men have a tendency to pass on as well as undertaking a divine picture. Their state of mind and mien are entirely diverse. For men, life is about force and a can-do-disposition; it is about "me, along these lines me." Men have an overstated feeling of privilege. They trust they possess the world, accordingly they lead the world. They make war, make peace; they manufacture and they pulverize.

I went ahead to ask him for what good reason you think men carried on along these lines. Also, he said man by nature are controlling and dependably need to be the head "It might sound dreadful, age-old, backward and even ghastly. Actually it is! In any case, all things considered, men anticipate that ladies will cook and clean, to raise babies and to give…

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