Essay about I Know About Being Late Today

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“What is it, Ariana?” Mrs. Sorun asked as I pulled a chair up to her desk. “You know I can’t give you a note if you’re late for class.”
“I know, but I don’t care about being late today.”
The shock expression on her face would make you believe she’d just heard news about how scientists were able to discover a way to travel back in time, but lost all the information in a data breach. “This must be pretty important for someone like you to miss class. I’m listening.”
Here’s it goes. “I want to switch partners with Tia,” I hurtfully explained, my heart breaking just from the thought of it. “I think it’s for the best.” She responded to me with a confused look like I just told her I saw a UFO. “Mrs. Sorun?”
“I can’t allow that this late into the game, Ariana.”
“Why not?”
“In real life, one cannot simply move from marriage to marriage because they feel like the person they’re with will be better off with someone else.”
“People do it all the time. My aunt has been married five different times.”
“And how does she feel?”
“She cries herself to sleep at night screaming ‘why doesn’t no one love me,’ but her situation and this one is way different.”
“How so?”
“Because…” Darn it! Why does when anyone asks me a follow up question I have a hard time answering? “It just is.”
“You can’t have it all, Ariana,” she sighed, getting out her chair to peak into the hallway through the glass on the door. When she turned back around, I noticed she had a smile on her face. What did she see? “Love is…

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