I Have A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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In the early twentieth century, African-Americas in the southern states were fighting for racial equality. Racial discrimination deprived African-Americans from acquiring decent jobs, education and the right to vote. Slavery was no longer an issue for African-Americans, but they still had to fight racial injustice. The civil rights became a controversial topic in the early 1960s, and up to this day is continues to be controversial, it started a war: white versus color. In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. replied to Governor Wallace segregation speech, when he addressed to the nation with his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. King supported the civil rights and believed that racial equality needed to happen in order for our country to move forward, meanwhile Governor George Wallace strongly supported segregation, he supported the idea of two races working together, but from separate facilities. He also believed that if change were to happen, fatal consequences would take place. These historical figures were fighting to accomplish different objectives with their speech, but they also had many similarities on the pursuit of their objectives. Their speeches were written with a purpose and had major impacts, which contributed to the controversy of these speeches today. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Governor George Wallace’s speeches were written with a purpose, although each of their speeches hoped to accomplish different outcomes. King’s speech contributed to the call for…

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