I Don 't Know Why I 'm Here Essay examples

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The door next to the desk whines as a woman steps out, of about fifty, in a pantsuit and glasses framed by short white hair. She calls my name. My heart jumps. It’ll only be an hour. One hour with her and then I can go. We get up and follow her around a corner, into a room with a couch on one side and a cushioned chair on the other. The pieces move into their assigned places. Here comes the classic psychiatry intro where my answers will always be the same: “Hope Magee. Fifteen. Pine High School. Yes that’s kind of far and I really enjoy my classes and no, nothing’s wrong. I don’t know why I’m here.” She smiles at me, saying I can trust her. How do I know? They want me to open up and reveal every secret and feeling I have ever had so they can label me as crazy and ship me off to the mental institute. “She went to the doctor yesterday.” Ms. Psychiatrist says to Mom, “How much did she weigh. Mom says 91.8 pounds. I bite my lip. She does not know how much water it took to fake that weight.
The doctor purses her lips. Ms. Psychiatrist says I am underweight. Ms. Psychiatrist says I am depressed. Ms. Psychiatrist knows everything about me. Ms. Psychiatrist is wrong. She is dead wrong. Next, we discuss eating habits. Yes, I eat. Three meals a day and snacks. Big meals. Huge meals. A feast every four hours. No, I don’t know why I’m losing weight. I must have some disease or something, but I’m okay. I’m healthy. I just have a stomachache, that’s why I’m not eating. Please leave me…

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