Essay on I Don 't Know About Love

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I. Identifying information
Love is a 19-year-old Black mother to a baby boy named Donyaeh. Love is presently dating a Black man named Courtney but he is not Donyaeh’s father. With regards to Love’s appearance she dresses well in public, and expresses herself well; she is quick at correcting those who misunderstand what she is expressing. Love is able to articulate her feelings properly, but most of her answers or sentences begin with “I don’t know”. Love is struggling with depression and anger and as a result of it she becomes irritated quickly and starts to talk loudly to the point where she breaks out in rages. One lagging skill she struggles with is impulse control. Presently, Love is unemployed; she is a high school drop out who wants to pursue a GED in the near future. As far as Love’s living conditions, she resides in an apartment, which she shares with her boyfriend, and her 2-year-old son. Love is able to articulate well, but at times seems to have difficulties differentiating between reality and fantasy. Some of the mannerisms and gestures expressed by Love include fidgeting, yawning, rubbing her hands and even shifting in her seat, which she often does when speaking. All the reported documentation suggests Love will benefit from support of a therapist for anger management.
II. Reason for Referral/Presenting Problem
The client was referred by the Administration of Children’s Service (ACS) as a result of having had Donyaeh removed from the home due to allegations…

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