I Don 't Know ! Essay example

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Every year, thousands of young men and women sacrifice time and money to leave home and go to a university of their choice. The big question, though, is why? Why are these young adults leaving their family and friends, their hometown fame, and their comfort zone to go to college? If you were to ask this future generation why they are attending college, you are likely to get several different answers. Some may say that it was the next logical step, others may say because they want to be a lawyer or a doctor, and some may answer with a blank stare and an uttered, ‘Ummmm….” followed with, “…I don’t know!” In the end, it may be a difficult question to answer. But, as a college student, when asked this question, it made me really think past the typical and shallow answers that are all too easy to spit out.
If I were to introduce myself to you, I really wouldn’t have anything too interesting to tell about my past. I’m from a small town in Tennessee, I enjoy the outdoors, I listen to music and I like sports. To be honest, my past isn’t very exciting! It’s about the same as any other young adult who finds themselves at college. However, if you asked me about my future, I could come up with thousands of different ideas, plans, possibilities, and expectations that I have in mind. To me, my future is a much more interesting topic than discussing my past; and my future is the reason that I am here at college.
Let me break that down just a bit. I have decided to come to…

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