I Am An Autobiography Of The United States And My Current Independence

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Anxiety was the only feeling I recall when I first saw the subject of this paper. I believe that it is hard to speak about ourselves in general, therefore the idea of an autobiography is not even in the equation. I truly believe that organization is an important and key element we need to practice in whatever thing we choose to do in life. This is the reason why I find it simpler and less of a hassle for me to talk about three impactful timelines, which are my state before I moved to the United States, my state in the United States and my current independence.

Africa taught me a numerous amount of things about life in general. Even thought I was born in Marseille, I was mainly raised in Niger, a sub Saharan country on the west coast. I had a normal education system even though I part of the troublemakers. Makin fun of the professor or one of our peers falling at basketball practices was our main source of joy every day. I wasn’t doing it in a negative intention, but I was a master at annoying my peers during and out of class. I guess the stressful relationship I had in my family was actually coming out of me expressing it at school with others. That’s right, I had an abusive relation with the eldest of my brothers. I feared him without even knowing why at first, that’s before it becomes physical. He would usually wait until the parents aren’t home then he watches my every little move in hope to see me do something so that he could have a reason to scold me.…

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