Hume And The Self Essay

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Teresia Smith
September 25, 2015

Hume and the Self Hume felt we should know why we believe what we believe and not just blindly accept that which has been assumed. Because he could not tangibly see or touch it, Hume believed that self did not exist but that our minds were merely a product of our impressions, which he defined as a product of our experiences and also ideas, which he termed copies of our impressions. He believed that every idea we have actually comes from some impression we have experienced. Hume thought that humans believed things out of habit and not with scientific proof. Because we have no proof, Hume believed that there is no self. Hume alleged that in lieu of self, we are basically just a menagerie of our experiences. We are only our impressions and our ideas, both of which are linked to our experiences through a lifetime. He believed that no matter how hard you try, you can never find an entity that is your self. Chaffee expressed Hume’s position as “If we examine these basic data of our experience, we see they form a fleeting stream of sensations in our mind and that nowhere among them is then sensation a ‘constant and invariable’ self that exists as a unified identity over the course of our lives.” (p. 124). Hume believed that anytime we try to find our self, instead we only find perceptions, feelings or impressions and there is no evidence to suggest a self exists. Hume believed we only perceive an orderly world and all of our thoughts…

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