Human Rights Must Be Respected By People Around Us Essay

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A right is morally what we are entitled to as a human being, rights must be respected by people around us, also individuals must also value other people people 's rights. An example of a right is the freedom of speech, this right allows an individual to speak their mind or their beliefs without being discriminated against for doing so. An individual has various rights when visiting a GP surgery for instance being protected and respected, it is exceptional that a GP surgery protects the right of its service users as if not the patients could complain against the GP if they feel like their rights are being withheld from them. It is also the GP 's responsibility to ensure that an individual rights are protected and being valued while visiting the surgery.

A person has the right to be treated as an individual at a GP surgery. As this right may make a patient feel more comfortable and respected, an example of this might be calling someone by a preferred name rather than their forename, this will make the individual feel like their rights are being taken seriously and respected.

Individuals also have the right to be allowed access to information about themselves. This allows a patient perceive information about what is happening about themselves in the surgery, for example nothing is being held against them, such as a patient might ask at the GP reception for their own personal details e.g house address or telephone number to make sure these details are correct. It is the…

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