Human Experience And Our Lives Essay

1100 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Human experience is collection of what we encounter, do and practice in our daily lives. Every human experience is different and it varies among people. There are people who never suffer nor have been manipulated and everything they have always wanted is served on plate for them. And there are others who have to work days and nights to survive and who practically served the plate. A human being is a person who knows what is good and what is wrong, who learned from their experiences and has the power to improve and be a better person or keep doing the same things over and over. All human experiences are basically what make up human beings. Our actions are essential and define who we are. No matter how long and what we do to hide who we are, our actions always exposed us. Some people are willing to do anything to make others look bad in order to get access to their physical, materials things. Eventually that is the human being nature, to hurt people, even the ones who love them and all those pain over undefined things. In Abramson’s Turning up the Lights on Gaslighting, Paula was the only one who knew that her husband was manipulating her by making her look like she had lost her mind in order to get access to her jewels. And every times she tried to tell him that he was wrong, he told her that “why don’t you rest while” “You know you haven’t been well” (2). Because of those negative expressions, if she ever have to date again, it will be difficult for her because her…

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