Huck Finn 10 Essay

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Huck Finn

Since the beginning of time people have been living on their own. They have been relying on themselves to survive for centuries. In many books the characters also must rely on themselves, as Huck Finn does in Mark Twain's book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck Finn is a book about a boy growing up , and his flight down the Mississippi River. Through his actions and thoughts Huck is able to survive the dangers of the river and in doing so develops self reliance and independence as well as non-conformity to what is acceptable to society. Huck Finn is definitely a non-conformist in the truest sense of the word. Non-conformity means to go against what all other people think and do. In the book Huck chooses
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Throughout the book Huck uses elaborate tales and lies to help him get through life. When Huck goes to town dressed as a girl he is noticed as being a boy. Huck then says" I told her my father and mother was dead, and the law had bound me out to a mean old farmer in the country thirty mile back from the river, and he treated me so bad I couldn't stand it so I stole his daughter's clothes and ran off." (60) This was all one big lie that Huck made up but it sure did entice the lady and Huck didn't get caught. On the raft with Jim, Huck ‘s self reliance saves them again with the story about his father and small pox. Another way in which Huck is self reliant is his humoristic way of thinking. He is abused by his Pap but he doesn't let it get him down. He stops fearing his Pap and just lives with it. This makes him very self-reliant and a very strong willed person. Huckleberry Finn is a very independent boy and it can be seen throughout the book in his thoughts and actions Independence is being able to survive on you own. This entire book is about Huck‘s independence and surviving and living on his own. Huck shows his independence when he is able to catch fish and gather food so Jim and he can eat. Another example of independence is when Huck hides the canoe. Huck says," I‘d hide her good, and then, instead of taking to the woods when I run off, I‘d go down the river about fifty

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