Howard Zinn 's A People 's History Of The United States Essay

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Howard Zinn’s, A People’s History of the United States, discusses the upbringing of the United States, particularly in the terms of slavery and inequalities among races; he tells the story of the country and the problems that accompanied it. Within the book, it is shown that there are inequalities between economic class, race, and gender, each expressing superiorities and inferiorities. These disparities contribute to the idea that the Declaration of Independence should have clarified “all men are created equal,” in the fact that it meant wealthy, white men.
One specificity of “all men are created equal” is being rich, which should have been clarified because being wealthy was viewed superior to being poor. The wealth of the rich was used to bypass fighting the Revolutionary War. This is a result of the rich being able to “avoid the [military] draft by paying for substitutes; the poor had to serve” (Zinn 75). The differences of wealth between the rich and poor demonstrates inequality by the rich being able to escape the war draft, and the poor being unable to do so. The rich were superior enough to avoid risking their lives when fighting for independence. Therefore, if “all men were created equal,” then the poor would have been able to find a way to avoid the draft, or the rich not being to do so. In addition, the rich were also able to use their wealth to purchase property, which leads to another difference between the rich and the poor. The ability to own property and…

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