How Women Suffer to Be Beautiful Essay

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How women suffer to be beautiful?

In the article “The Price of Perfection” Robin Henig discusses the ways in which women have suffered physically, making changes to their body to achieve perfection. Women, for hundreds of years to pursue beauty have undertaken dangerous procedures such as foot binding, plastic surgeries, and wearing corsets to pursue beauty according to their cultural standards. These more or less extreme torturous procedure that women go through to feel better about appearance, were chosen without considering their harmful effects on their health. People make changes to their bodies because they want to achieve the idea of perfection that is shown by the media. The trend in the
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The girl’s parents had to hold their daughter hands up at night to keep the girl from taking off the bandage. Eventually, the feet lost all blood circulation and turned blue. Even parts of the heel and toe would fall off due to this lack of circulation. In addition, the foot was stuffed into a tiny shoe. The end results were three to four inch long feet, and grown women who could not walk on them. The worst fate a female suffered was that she may be crippled for life, doomed to never walk again. These shoes had a certain cultural value of beauty no matter regardless how dangerous they were. Not only the women in China suffered that pain in order to be beautiful, but in Europe they also struggled with pain wearing a tight garment called corset which was designed to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape. The corset as the concept made for aesthetic purposes was typically constructed of a flexible material but during the 16th century they were made with poor quality materials such as steel, ivory, wood, inserted into channels in the cloth or leather. It was ordinary fashion taken to an extreme and had noticeable effects on the body. Internal organs were moved closer together and out of their original positions. The volume of the lungs diminished, the breathing was difficult with the upper portion of the lungs only, resulting

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