How We Use Our Subconscious Or Conscious Mind Tools? Essay

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I Wished It Was Over In A Blink
Quite possibly the worst book I have read. This is coming from a girl who reads over a 100 books a year for the last six years that makes this serious. Malcolm Gladwell’s writing in this book was boring; there was nothing to break up the never ending word vomit. In the book it says the two main concepts are judgment and understanding, which I see it may be a wonky route to get there, and I may have had to pull over multiple times for a nap. However, I got what Gladwell was communicating. Gladwell was talking about how we use our subconscious or conscious mind tools to judge or understand a situation.
After reading three to four pages knew I that I would not enjoy this book, even though I had not read the whole book yet, my intuition told me this was not going to be one of my favorites. What happened to me here was rapid cognition I made a swift decision I would not enjoy it. Often referred to as “Thin-Slicing” thin-slicing is a loaded term, it takes context, personal bias’s, experiences, passions, the impression we get from someone, and the information we know and in a Blink we have either a deliberate or unconscious judgment or understanding about a situation or person. Gladwell mentions that the goal of this is the book is to get people to train and educate their thin-slicing so they can make more conscious in control decisions than unconscious ones. Some situations are easier to make conscious in control decisions then another. Expertise…

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