How The Body And Mind Undergo Tremendous Amount Of Change Essay

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The body and mind undergo tremendous amounts of change in the late childhood and early adolescent years. The video series, Teen Species, describes in detail these changes. The series were filmed around a study that followed a group of adolescents over a two year period, documenting their physical, psychological, and social maturation during puberty. The videos took note of transitions in behavior and the need for conformity amongst teenagers, while also providing a biological cause for it all. The video series was broken up into two videos, one solely about the girls and the other focusing on the boys.
Girls typically start puberty before the boys and show the first outward signs, but the boys are only a few months behind usually. Puberty for girls can start anywhere from eight to thirteen years old, and it usually takes four years for a girl to mature completely. When a girl starts puberty is left mostly to genes and the amount of fat a girl has. Most girls have started or are starting puberty by age eleven. It starts with a whole bunch of hormones, which are chemical messengers running through the bloodstream. Growth hormone, cortisol, estrogen, and progesterone are the dominant hormones of puberty for girls. Sleep is essential for developing children because after a child is asleep the brain will release hormones that set off triggers for growth in the body. So as these hormones are being released, it takes a while before any outward signs of maturity appear, but usually…

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