Essay on How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution?

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Vaden, Chelsi American History 1 DBQ 1 30 September 2015

How Revolutionary was the American Revolution?

On April 19, 1775 the American Revolutionary War began (Keene 96). Brought abought by the struggle for power both sides would suffer immense frustrations and strategy to win war for independence. Although divided due to their beliefs, in such things like slavery, the American Revolution was a patriotic podium for our independence (Document J). In order for the war to be a successful victory colonist rebellion, important battles, and leadership had to be met in order to strive. Rebellion was key for stating beliefs in clear way to be heard; important battles show the British that they are strong as a nation, and leadership for guidance and structure. Demanding freedom was their only resort and way out of a dictatorship. Declaring independence was a way for the people to speak out about their beliefs in being…

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