How Intelligence Can Be Manipulated By Environment Essay

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How We Experience The World

One of the most confusing but interesting organisms to be on this planet is no other than human beings. As humans we constantly look for answers and observe/study each other and other animals for answers. Psychology is wonderful in that it deciphers how we work through a biological and cognitive sense. By using psychology we can see how experiencing the world can be extremely different for many people. We can also use psychology to better understand our differences and learn to tolerate and accept some individuals who are a tad bit quirkier than we are accustomed to.

When asked about how people act or talk the first thing that personally comes to me is what kind of environment they grew up in. How people act and solve problems is heavily implied on their environment and what kind of individuals they grew up with. Not only that but one 's environment can also impact the IQ of an individual. In chapter 3 the textbook discusses how intelligence can be manipulated by environment. The first being that poor parental care, such as a pregnant woman drinking or smoking can make a child at risk for disabilities and low IQ. The next is malnutrition and how bad eating can cause a child to have a severe impact on their intelligence. Which then makes it obvious that toxins also would affect them in that way aswell. Stressful family life can also hurt a child 's IQ and verbal capability. Overall the environment very much does impact how one thinks and…

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