How Gregor 's Transformation Helps Us Understand Frankenstein

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Now that we’ve established a basic summary for Frankenstein lets dive into how Gregor’s transformation helps us understand Frankenstein starting with the monster 's creation. The scene of the monster 's creation isn’t about the monsters coming into being more or less, but rather Victor’s success in giving life to an abomination “but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart”(Frankenstein Chapter 5). This is similar to how Gregor’s scene of waking up isn’t about Gregor’s transformation, but rather the worries he has for his job and providing an income for his family. The feelings of the outsider, the monster in Frankenstein, and Gregor in the metamorphosis, are highlighted through the fact that they are ignored. So ignored in the case of Gregor he is actually himself completely unaware of the transformation. This focus in metamorphosis, where Gregor even after realizing he has transformed, is to wonder what’s going to happen to his family after losing his job. Which leads us to Frankenstein, he had literally just been created his life something completely new to the world and his feelings and thoughts on his creation seem like something that might be important and yet they are not the focus, these feelings like with Gregor are expressed by the fact that they are ignored in favor of the human characters in Metamorphosis, Gregor’s family and in Frankenstein, Frankenstein himself. In fact the only mention of The…

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