How Do They Affect Adolescent Minds? Essay

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Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office flipping through a magazine and you come upon a woman in her underwear half naked. Do you view her as a self-sufficient woman who is satisfied with her body and doesn 't feel she should cook or conform herself for a man? Of course do you perceive her as a sexual thing on the fact that a man will only like her just for her physique, assuming that’s all she need in life? How are young men expected to see the women in their regular lives with pictures like these, the ideal woman, encompassing them consistently? It 's difficult to avoid this, so who is to blame. It is in our human nature to be curious. What are the repercussions of todays advertisement’s, how do they affect adolescent minds is the real question.
It’s a well-known fact that women and young women of all ages experience the ill effects of some kind of body image disorder. So why does this happen? Is it just simply seeing a beautiful thin woman in an ad? On the other hand is it the responses to those ads and media scope that achieve such insecurities? I know it 's tough for me not to wish I resembled those models when I see men drooling over those unimaginably thin women with perfect bodies. In my own particular experience, one of my closest companions experienced anorexia, which was hard to watch her adapt to, and heal from. Its no secret how we wish that our bodies were more different, or how we wish we could resemble a Victoria 's Secret model. Contrasting ourselves with the…

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