How Americas Changed Physically, Socially, and Politically Since 1787

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Comprehensive Essay
In the essay I will explain how Americas changed physically, socially, and politically since 1787. In paragraph two I will talk about how Americas changed physically. In paragraph three I will talk about how Americas changed socially. In paragraph four I will talk about how Americas changed politically. Than in paragraph five I will go over all of the important things that I have covered in the previous paragraphs. So let’s get started in 1787 as a small but confident country.
Our country, America, has changed physically so much since 1787. America has adopted lands all over, especially from the west. The Texas Revolution was the revolt of Texans towards the Mexico for their independence. The Louisiana Purchase was
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After the war Patriotism was better than ever since the U.S industries were forced to make goods that were previously imported. Lastly, the decrease in slaves helped improve America socially because it showed that everyone is equal and has the same rights as it says in the constitution.
America has also changed politically in many ways since 1787. The Virginia plan had the three branches that we have today, and the New Jersey plan only had only one big legislature branch. Than in the Articles of Confederation the branches were the three we have today which include the legislature, executive, and judicial. And now in today’s democracy we still have those three branches. America’s first ten amendments ensure the people’s rights of being a citizen. The political parties of the U.S started with federalists and anti-federalists, federalists supported removing some powers from the states and giving more powers to the national government, so they were pretty much just today’s democrats. And anti-federalists wanted important political powers to remain with the states, which is like today’s democrats. The constitution of the United States helped make America more organized and created restrictions of powers. The constitution’s six goals were of the following; “Form a more perfect union,” which means to create a nation in which states work together, “Establish justice,” which means make laws and set up courts that are fair, “Insure domestic

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