Hogarth 's Plotting Of Marriage A La Mode Essay

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Hogarth 's plotting of Marriage à la Mode by James Lawson is an academic journal about the meaning and symbolism represented in the Marriage à la Mode series. He addresses all of the paintings that are in this series individually and in great detail. In the first painting, The Marriage Settlement, he pays great attention to the detailed representations that are commonly overlooked. One example would be his observations would be the lack of likeness between the two children and their respective fathers. Lawson notes that the calves on the young man do not match the calves of his father, which could be explained by multiple reasons in the real world, but in this particular situation it means that the father and son might not be related.
Another reason for the two not being related would be their noses, the son’s is upturned while the father’s is abnormally large. These small details imply that the son may be from a different father. The same is subtly applied towards the daughter and her father, to imply that they are both children of adultery and destined to follow the same path. The rest of the article follows this pattern of careful observations and deductions of foreshadowing and symbolism. Lawson states that each painting’s symbolism relates back to the others, making the paintings seem like illustrations in a book with unwritten words. The Interior Structures of Hogarth’s marriage a la Mode by Lance Bertelsen focuses more on the subjects in the background rather than…

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