Essay on History Of The Problem Of Education

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History of the Problem
Education has always been extremely important everywhere. In the beginning of time, learning the Bible, for example, or coming up with new inventions and ideas, or memorizing rituals, education has always been around and a necessity for anyone who was able to receive it. However, attending a school or paying a tutor or private teacher costs a lot. Not everyone was able to afford it. Today, in this country and many other places, going to school is part of the law and required until a child graduates from high school. After high school, it is up to the families and students to decide on college and education that continues after high school. In order to get accepted into a college or university, there are many factors that come into play. Colleges are not only expensive and involve a stressful process, but expect a lot from the students who are going to apply. Colleges look for high SAT scores, a high GPA, if the student completed enough community hours or completed any, if the student was involved in any extracurricular activities in and/or out of their high school, and college essays that are required for submission. SATs are required for colleges, but it brings so much stress to the students and parents because it involves a lot of preparation for a standardized test that does not even test the knowledge or intelligence of the student. The SATs cost a lot of money to take them, especially if the student wants to take them more than once, and most of…

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